Bagh Yudhan (Leopard Style)

Taking inspiration from the mount of the Hindu goddess of war, Devi (also known as Chandi, Durga, Kalika, etc.), the leopard; spoken of as a Yudhan, it is more correctly a higher level of 'parjog' - a higher and more efficient mode of application.

It exits at two distinct levels, namely 'shota' (immature) and 'vada' (mature); the mature being more efficient. Bagh Yudhan is extremely agile and is the catalyst which collates all the Khat Ang Yudhan together in a holistic form; each with their varied techniques and tactics combined as one seamless flow.

Bagh is best most recognisable - with a particular style of Shastar Vidiya pugilism, employed traditionally in 'hadh torh' (bone-breaking) challenges designed to settle disputes or challenges to the Akhara Gurdev. As such, it is also known as 'loh mushti' (iron-fist boxing). A French General by the name of Allard, whilst commanding the Sikh armies in the early 19th century in the kingdom of Lahore of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, commented:

"Duelling is not known in the army of Runjeet-Singh; the soldiers settle their disputes with their fists,a brutal, and equally unchristian, method of adjusting differences."
(General Allard giving an interview with the editor of the Journal des D'bats about 1836. ("Runjee[t] Singh, Chief of Lahore. No. II", The Saturday Magazine, (30 June, 1838), 248)