Hanuman Yudhan (Monkey Style)

This style takes its inspiration from the famed monkey deity Hanuman, the greatest disciple of Lord Raam - the Avatar of Vishnu.

The style itself is a compliment and counter to Narsingha Yudhan. It prefers weapons as that of Narsingha, but in addition, heavy maces and sickle-shaped daggers are favoured. In a more traditional setting, it provided, as did Narsingha, support to the vanguard.

As with Narsingha Yudhan, this style was also employed when holding breeches and fighting duels. The unarmed form is similar to Narsingha Yudhan - a wide two-step gait stance. However, unlike Narsingha, it sinks its hip lower which allows it to fight in an entrenched position from a much lower position.

Prime targets include the lower body, legs and groin. Use of grappling and counter levers, it not only negates the power of opponents, but directs their energy against them. In application, it advances upon the opponent, slipping past oncoming attacks, and targets the groin region.

Sophisticated structure-breaks take place, finally resulting in the opponent being taken to the ground and trampled underfoot.