Nandi Yudhan (Bull Style)

The white hump-backed bull of Lord Shiva serves as inspiration for this style.

Weapons of choice include deeply curved swords and daggers as it prefers to engage at very close quarter. Nandi style is both a complement and counter to Garuda Yudhan. Seen as the heavier variant of the skirmishing style, it is employed by warriors who are on foot, or horseback; they are the first in Shastar Vidiya who utilise heavy upper body armour.

As with Garuda, the style allows for angling off from right to left whilst in the engagement range, however, where it varies with Garuda is that it lands heavy, deeply penetrating blows. It aims to destroy the opponent's body structure through application of upper body spinal twists and lower quarter knee strikes.

Combined with levers, it seeks to grapple with the opponent in order to damage the limbs and back.  The final stages include crushing and compressing the opponent from top-down, and once on the ground, heavy stomps, powerful knee drops and shattering fist blows are favoured.