There are three key principles which combine in Sanatan Shastar Vidiya to make it function correctly. These three principles lie at the very heart of Shastar Vidiya and distinguish it as a uniquely Indian martial art from the other great combat martial arts in the world.

The subtle integration of these three principles of locomotion, angling and generating power in Sanatan Shastar Vidiya is known as 'Shiv Shakti' (Shiva's power). Hence, at a more esoteric level, the lovers of Shastar Vidiya know their art as the love play between Shiva, and his consort Shakti. This martial principle of Shiv Shakti is also simply known as 'Parjog' (application). It is these elements of 'parjog' that underlie Sanatan Shastar Vidiya and make it work; in its purest form, they provide Shastar Vidiya with its unique dance-like characteristic when fully expressing its cultural origins. The more one advances in the art, the more sophisticated and subtle the grades of 'parjog' become; they have no finite limit.

Yet for those who possess little or no understanding of martial arts, these principles are in effect invisible. This is primarily due to the fact that they attempt to relate the locomotion, angling and power generation in Shastar Vidiya to their own (limited) understanding of body mechanics. Even experienced martial artists from across the world accustomed to Western, Far Eastern, etc. martial arts, through experiencing its effectiveness, have described Shastar Vidiya as "an exotic art". An appreciation of the unique Indian science behind its application is all that is required.