Sheshnaga Yudhan (Snake Style)

This battle form arises from the thousand-headed snake of Vishnu, Sheshnaga; his most ardent devotee who with his numerous mouths, forever repeats his ineffable name.

The style itself is based upon the legendary Indian 'khrapa' (cobra) and 'ajgah' (python); its preferred weapons include axes, spears, knives and scarves. It is a companion to Viraha Yudhan in the battle formations, but also a counter and is characteristically a subtle and distinctively smooth style of combat. In its unarmed form it parries incoming blows and slips past to target 'marma' (vital points) with heavy looping blows.

Drawing upon inspiration from snakes, it aims to entangle incoming limbs, whilst employing locks, snapping joints, and concluding by necks breaks or chokes.