Guru Nanak

Guru Nanak was born in 1469, and continued the eternal timeless legacy of Indian Dharma. From a young age all recognised the precocious child as something special. Legend records that some enlightened ascetic warrior Natha Sadhus, on passing by, came across the child Guru Nanak.�

They and recognised him as the 'Yuga Pursh' (man of his age/the Avatar of his age), and bowed before him; they bestowed their martial skills as an offering to him.

In ancient India it was not uncommon for people to invite knowledgeable ascetics to their villages, and making provisions for their food and shelter.� In turn, these holy beings would bestow their knowledge and skills to the villagers.

The concept of Guru Nanak being an accomplished and sophisticated warrior is not well known outside of the traditional Sikh martial orders of the Akali Nihang 'Dal' (army). Testimony to this can be found at the Sikh temple at Patna, Bihar, where Guru Nanak's sword and 'chakar' (quoit), can still be seen.