Akhara Locations

At present, the Akali Nihang Baba Darbara Singh Sanatan Suraj Bansia Shastar Vidiya Shiv Akhara there are three types of Sanatan Shastar Vidiya classes.

The current Gurdev, Nidar Singh Nihang, is welcoming of all students regardless of background. Possessing over 15 years' experience in martial arts, and spanning classes, seminars and master classes, his classes are both informative and entertaining. Gurdev Nidar Singh infuses the strict science of combat with humour making for an atmosphere of congenial learning.

The sessions promote a culture of cooperative learning with Gurdev Nidar Singh ensuring the instruction is relevant to students of varying experience.

Although the classes are focused on martial instruction, students and visitors alike are welcomed to discuss the history, philosophy etc. of the art - providing it does not disrupt the class. From toddlers, infants, to adults everyone is openly invited to have fun and learn.

Note: if you are interested in classes and cannot find your location, email info@shastarvidiya.org.