Sava Rakhsha Principles

Outlined below are simple quick and easy to learn traditional self-defence principles, tactics, and techniques. They allow one defend oneself, loved ones and others if need be, against a variety of unarmed and armed assailants. The emphasis is on safety.
The first lesson of self-defence advises:

Sanatan Shastar Vidiya self-defence caters for adult males, females and children. Taught over the centuries, the techniques are specific to each gender and age group.

The broad ranges of technique not only encompass defence against unarmed attacks but armed attacks too; dealing with single and multiple assailants. Escaping from all manner of grabs and holds is also taught. At a more advanced level, traditional disarming of weapons such as non-edged and. edged types forms part of the curriculum.� Furthermore, the use of appropriate tactics coupled with a deep understanding of psychology of confronting an assailant arms with firearms is also taught.