Dev Ang Yudhan (Higher Styles)

It is at this point that the higher forms begin, inspired by Shiva, and his consort, the cosmic mother, the Devi.

The level of both technical and tactical difficulty now accelerates, and is vastly enhanced. The 'parjog' (application) becomes far more subtle, and exponentially richer. In the end one realises there is no difference between the higher Yudhan and 'parjog'; it is all 'Shiv Shakti'.

Further, as one begins to grasp the higher skills and concepts of these Yudhan, they also have a positive effect on the level of understanding with regards to the lower Khat Ang Yudhan.

The higher and more efficient skills percolate down to the lower Yudhan making them more efficient.

It must be noted that the Dev Ang Yudhan, due to their immense sophistication are further subdivided into sub styles.