Garuda Yudhan (Bird Style)

This style is attributed to the mythological mount of Vishnu; it is based upon four birds, namely the peacock, eagle, cockerel, and gander.

As with the previous 2 styles, it too has armed applications such as combinations of a small axe and shield, two small axes, sword, sword and spear, sword and small axe, sword and dagger, sword and small shield, sword with a small shield and dagger, sword and small shield accompanied by a spear, etc.

It is seen as a light skirmishing style; a master of hit and run tactics; hence can be employed on foot, or horseback. In its unarmed incarnation, it seeks to overwhelm opponents by constantly angling off from left to right in order to find the correct trajectory for strikes.

The strikes themselves are delivered in multiple ways employing the hands and feet, sweeps, stomping, leading to complete limb destruction underfoot.